shutterstock_135191687-kids-with-magnifiying-glassAges 6 – 8

Ever wonder what it takes to be a Storm Chaser, Environmental Scientist, Climatologist or Meteorologist? Campers will become weather experts for the week and discover why our weather changes! Our Meteorologists will measure and record rainfall, create a water cycle wheel, build a weather station, learn about the Greenhouse Effect, create a terrarium, design their own tornadoes, create “snow” during the summer and more! Campers will end the week demonstrating the three states of matter by making and eating some delicious ice cream. Throughout the week they will take home projects that include: sun prints, UV beads, a wind vane, anemometer, and a very cool rain stick! Before you know it, your Meteorologist will be reporting the weather on the 6 o’clock news!